Aging In Place = Life!

Hello to all!  We are AIPLife.  This being our first post, we would like to introduce ourselves to you and give a general background of what we do and how we do it.  Our motto is simply, Aging In Place = LIFE!

We are NOT insurance!  The ‘LIFE’ at the end of AIPLife leads some to believe we are selling life insurance.  Not true.  Instead, we offer products and some services that complement those products to assist seniors in staying safely in their own homes as they age.  We call it Technology For Good!  As it turns out, a lot of our products are also immensely helpful for the loving caregivers, either family or professional, in helping them tend to our loved ones.  There are a lot of you out there, we know.  For example, According to an AARP study, 42.1 million U.S. family caregivers were caring for other adults with 61.6 million providing care at some time during that year. The estimated value of their unpaid contributions was nearly $450 billion. More than 29% of the U.S. population is acting as a caregiver to someone else.  Your efforts are priceless and we know you can be asked to give more than you have at times.  To that end, much of the remote technology we offer can help free up normally overtasked lives and ease that sinking feeling of being overwhelmed.  There are many great options to help care for someone remotely, allowing you to take a breath and find your center.

Most folks we talk to insist they do NOT want to leave their home as they age.  Who can blame them?  It feels comfortable, familiar, and safe right?  Let’s face it, most of us want to remain independent with our dignity and serenity intact.  We are simply trying to help achieve that very goal.  The best way we have found to help is to learn from those currently living that life and ask them what their biggest challenge is and then tailor a solution to fit their need.

What are your biggest challenges to staying independent?

Is it hearing the phone or doorbell?  Hearing the TV or normal conversations, even on the phone?  Perhaps it’s assistance getting into or out of the tub?  Remembering to take medications at the proper time?  Or perhaps you would just like the reassurance of knowing you can contact a loved one at the touch of a button?

These are a few of the common situations that seem to plague our lives and start to chip away at that tranquil time in our life that should be our golden years.  It seems as we keep aging things keep getting harder.  The seemingly simple tasks now become more difficult.  From ACCoA, “by the age of 60 you have already lost 35% of your strength.  By age 75, 60% of your total strength will be gone.”  How is that fair?  It’s not!  In order to make it fair, we need to level the playing field.  Embrace the age old wisdom of ‘work smarter, not harder’.  Simply put, embrace the modern miracle that is technology to do your dirty work!  It can be a simple grab bar for stability, or a battery powered remote light switch to turn on that awkward lamp behind a couch.  Anything that can be introduced into our lives to help regain control over those simple tasks so we can focus on what really matters, like enjoying life, would be welcomed.  That’s where we would like to help.  We have various products and simple gadgets that are easily installed in the home that do just that.

We are willing to bet a lot of the products we have and their benefits are largely overlooked or even simply unknown.  You can view all our products HERE.  From simple grab bars to amplified phones, to remote lighting, to medication management, to home automation, there are many items that can be employed to make one’s life easier and safer and bring the peace and joy back to living!  To return to thriving and not just surviving!

Do you find technology intimidating or overwhelming?  Don’t sweat it, we have your back.  Among some of our services, we provide programming and installation.  We want to make sure you not only have the most helpful technology, but we want to ensure you use it for more than a paperweight!  Visit our home page HERE to see a list of the services we provide.

What about costs?  Of course we don’t want to break the bank, either!  Keeping our target audience in mind, we understand there had to be certain criteria for there to be any viable interest.  First is quality.  Needless to say if something doesn’t work, it doesn’t do anyone any good, and in fact, it makes life more difficult.  Second is ease of use, or ‘user friendly’ as the tech world refers to it.  Even for me, if something is not easy to use, I simply won’t use it.  Third is affordability.  We understand many of us are on fixed incomes and the whole idea of large expenses or even monthly fees does not work in those situations.  On the topic of cost, we put a few figures together HERE to help you understand what costs you might expect to see from assisted living facilities as an alternative to remaining in your home.

I know we have provided a bit of information here and perhaps you are asking yourself, where do I start?  A home safety evaluation may be your first step.  We can perform one for you or you can print off our checklist HERE and perform one yourself.  This will help give you ideas of how you may be able to make your home safer.

We hope you have found this information to be beneficial.  One of our goals is to provide information to everyone to understand that there are affordable options out there to assist in living that independent life while remaining safe and healthy!

Please stay tuned for future posts with more great information where we showcase certain items and how they can be useful!  We will discuss more challenges and provide potential solutions with the hopes that we can help contribute to your increased quality of life!  Live well!

Feel free to comment on this post or for additional information please CONTACT US.


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