Rest easier knowing your friend is watching over you and your family!

Keep your family and home safe…


With notifications from wireless transmitters such as motion sensors and other devices.

Incredible savings as compared to security monitoring companies!


Watch over your home while you are away!


Welcome to the AIPLife Friends Watching Over Friends (FWOF) program.  We want to make it possible for everyone to live their daily lives without having to worry about their own safety and security.  Our Smart Home Monitoring (SHM) technology makes it possible for anybody to help keep their friend or family member safer and at the same time have that friend or family member watching over their safety.  This can be done with the basic SHM Home and Business Monitoring and Security package.

Here’s how it works:

With one of the basic systems installed in each FWOF buddy’s home or business and with a smart phone or a tablet connected to wifi, 100s of routines can be set up to just monitor normal activity of the person and their home or business.  So if the activity is abnormal then an alert (text message or push notification) is sent to the FWOF buddies phone or tablet and that person can call the buddy, call the police or come over and check on them.

For instance:

  • A motion detector that is set up in an area where there should be no motion sends an alert if motion is detected.
  • A door/window sensor that sends an alert if a door or window is opened that shouldn’t be opened.
  • The smart light bulb can be set to turn on if there is motion at front door.
  • The indoor/outdoor camera can be set up anywhere to give alerts when motion is sensed and the camera can be viewed and the person can hear and talk to the person being viewed by the camera.
  • Routines may be scheduled to be active during certain times, like after business hours, for example.
  • Many more routines and products are available.

This is a great way to have friends and family keep an eye on each other’s home whether they are there or on vacation with very little intrusion of privacy.

The FWOF buddy program can be used by people that live next door to each other, across the country from each other, or halfway around the world from each other!

Save lots of money compared to the high ongoing costs of security monitoring companies who make you sign long contracts!

We have provided this FWOF Buddy Form for buddies to share HERE.

Feel Safe

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