Uncertain about installing your Smart Home Equipment?  We may be able to help.

Please review the specifics directly below and under Product Description.

Sorry, we had to place a dollar amount on this product for the option of adding it to your cart, but please be aware: Pricing will be calculated at time of install and payment due upon completion of work.

Currently, AIPLife is limited to local areas for install.  If you live within a 50 mile radius of either of the two zip codes listed, we will help to install your Smart Home Monitoring equipment.

  • 80130 – Highlands Ranch, CO
  • 57701 – Rapid City, SD

Our fees:

  • $1.00 per mile (one-way only)
  • $50.00/hr

The devices listed below under product description are the devices we would happily be responsible to install for you.  Of course, depending on your order, you may not have all of these items.

Product Description

Please place a comment in the order notes on the checkout page when you place your order.  Or you can CONTACT US.  Please include your full address and phone number so we may contact you to set up details.  Thank you.

HUB: The brain of your smart home.  This required wireless controller connects to hundreds of compatible smart devices to allow remote monitoring and controlling of your home.

Simply connect this hub into your internet router with supplied Ethernet cable, and plug into a standard outlet for power.  Then, connect all other smart devices to the hub via wireless connections.

OSRAM LIGHT BULB: Turn on, off, or dim this light from anywhere with your smart phone or tablet.

Simply screw this soft white light bulb into any standard light socket, then connect to the hub.

MOTION SENSOR: Motion &Temperature, this dual purpose sensor packs a lot of monitoring power into one small, sleek device.

Receive alerts or activate other smart devices based on motion or temperature.

MULTIPURPOSE SENSOR: This Multipurpose sensor, also known as a door/window sensor, monitors temperature, vibration, or opened/closed doors and windows.

Receive alerts or activate other smart devices based on these monitoring qualities.

ARRIVAL SENSOR: By attaching this small sensor to a bag, a keychain, or a pet collar, it can notify you when people, pets, or cars arrive or leave your home.

May also be used to activate other smart devices as it arrives/leaves the home.

WATER LEAK SENSOR: Receive an alert when a leak is detected before it becomes a flood.

Also detects temperature and, with compatible outlets, can be used to turn on space heaters to prevent freezing pipes.  Also works with Leak Gopher water shut off valve to shut off the main water supply to house to minimize flooding.

PANIC KEY FOB: Immediately activate a group of z-wave devices during an emergency.

Also sends notification to smartphone or tablet when activated.

SIREN: Has 5 different alert tones and 3 LED’s for visual alerts.

Program to activate siren with other smart devices such as motion detection.

SMOKE/CO DETECTOR: Receive alerts to your smart phone or tablet when alarm is activated.

Sounds a loud 85dB siren and sends alarm status to your z-wave controller.

OUTLET: Control plug-in lights, electronics or appliances from anywhere!


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