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AIPLife Referral Program!

You have conversations every day, right?  Why not get paid for them!?  Simply talk with your friends, family and community about our great products, packages and services and get some extra spending cash from AIPLife!

Here’s the details:

In any of your day to day conversations, simply mention us and if your referral makes a purchase with AIPLife, then you get paid!  Please complete the REFERRAL FORM each time a referral makes a purchase!

We will track your referral’s purchase and send you a check within 21 days of their purchase and, if applicable, a check each quarter.  Please click on our Referral Chart to view the particulars.

If you feel you would benefit from some additional marketing materials please Contact Us and write Promote in the message body along with your mailing address.  We will ship you a guide with marketing materials for your use.

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